I once was making family and friends in Sims together with my budd

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The thing I find Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells especially odd about this whole issue is that people appear to believe that it matters what the in game hair model is supposed to be.

In minecraft, if I use one fence block to hang a glowstone from the ceiling, then it is not a weapon, it's a chandelier chain/rope. Even if the hairstyle was called'Afro Puffs' in match and introduced as such, If I needed to create a character with space buns and there was no nearer hairstyle I would use it. The post is not ambiguous whatsoever concerning the intentions of the plan, so they're definitely space buns.

I once was making family and friends in Sims together with my buddy, and we needed to use a mustache which was stereotypic for another ethnic group to represent my dad's'stache since there was not anything really appropriate or true to his style. I'm not Asian or Latina, so moving by these rules I need to be'disallowed' from dressing in a different civilization's garb? No. Because it's a game.Finally finished all flower wreaths from animal crossing in actual life!!! So pretty! About how big are they? Do you have a photo of you holding them or something close for size?Ironing the flowers and leafs to produce the contours, and for the wreaths I utilized floral wires; essentially everything from scratch ! that's super dedication to ironing those tiny corners and over again. Congratulations on creating such beautiful art!!!

Can we get some detail pictures? I would really like to see how they are made.It looks like it required a week, once you think about it you think that it requires a year, but then you realise it's just a month..Oh my goodness, those are seriously beautiful! I'm extremely impressed.I was hoping to figure out where to buy bells animal crossing if they were a painting or actual wreaths haha. It looks surreal