I would generally agree

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I will preface this by stating that I don't think it's a bad thing for them to Mut 21 coins bring awareness to the situation. It's significant that it can't just be dismissed by looking away from it. That said, I really do hold a certain amount of distrust towards multi-billion dollar multinational corporations paying lip service to significant social issues. Of course, as a capitalist business they are under no obligation to do so, and it rings hollow when they attempt to stand in solidarity with the ordinary men and women. Now there are businesses out there that are doing things and this is the time to emphasize those attempts; to demonstrate that they're more than simply words.

I would generally agree in the event of paying lip service to social issues without also putting support and money to advocate for change or applying it to the company and their work at the very least. Having said that police brutality is not exactly something that a company like EA throwing money at the issue does considerably towards fixing. At best they place money towards the attorneys and groups that fight to see justice after the fact or lobby to have laws changed that in the current government will not. It has systemic issues in authorities of not reporting their own and holding them accountable instead staying quiet and with the police unions that allow it all to happen or in a sense even encourage it from the repercussions being a slap on the wrist followed by being hired in another precinct showing them there's no consequences. Before even getting to laws and rulings such as qualified immunity that protect abusive cops and allow them to abuse their power . The majority of which EA and many capitalist businesses aren't able to buy Madden 21 coins do so much about making it unjust to say they are at the best possible position to do more.