Expired SSL On Quickfire Microgaming Online slots

If you try to play some Microgaming Games on 02/02/2019, and you can't. here is Way !!

Today, on 02/02/2019 i was hot about playing Bonanza and hit one of the most Big wins Ever :)

But when i tried to play the game, my google chrome was blocking me with this type of error message:

"The webpage at https://quickfire.gcontent.eu/aurora/default.aspx might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address."


So i investigated more about the issue using Firefox Developer Edition to get more details. I found that the SSL Certifcate was Expired :), i never thought that a big brand with millions of dollars and also in the industry of gambling with more than 23 Years, could have one day an issue like that. 


here is the SSL certifcate with the expiring date:

Microgaming expired SSL

Take care guys, hope they are aware about the issue, and try to resolve it.