If you are killed or slip and drown

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Moving the flag or raising it is the most difficult part, you must move them in a specific way to OSRS Accounts make sure you do not get into whirlpools, storms, sea monsters, vessels and so on. You will need to check the current charts to determine the direction in which you need to move your vessel in.

Being caught. If you are killed or slip and drown, you'll be taken by an enemy vessel, and be required to serve for them, or kept in prison. If this happens, you will be a part of their team - until you are held as a prisoner or a rogue is able to capture you. They'll give you the opportunity to wear different colors than your orginal clothes if they choose to employ you.

Rewards and points. You can purchase the pirate equipment as well as the weapons of both captains. To get the gear you desire, you will have to visit one of the captains. You can buy the clothing in sets or separately. You can also purchase your own ship for 1k points, and then change your flags for 100 points per. Here are the facts about pirate gear: Bandana/ hat Trouser jacket/tunicboots/gloves, sword/harpoon.

Contact, Spirits of the Elid must have at the very least started Dealing with Scarabas The Tourist trap. Recommendations: The Lament of Enakra. To begin, talk to the Menaphite Mason outside Menaphos. Menaphos isn't Sophanem. You can ask him about his work and he will tell you rudely to go.

Ask if you can offer an extremely labor-intensive or low-cost service and he'll inform you that the Menaphites need somebody to Buy RuneScape Gold mine Sandstone and Granite. Visit the quarry and extract a complete inventory, it doesn't matter what type you choose.